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Playing the Lottery on Your Mobile Device

Sunday, August 31st, 2014:

Online gaming has progressed significantly in the last few years, and you can now find many gaming options available for mobile devices too. As mobile continues to grow, you will find more and more gaming companies creating mobile ready versions of their casinos such as Captain Cooks Casino and poker sites. But it is not just the casino and poker games that you can play on your mobile devices, you can also play the lottery from your smart phones and tablets too. There are many advantages of having the ability to play the lotto on your mobile device, with convenience […] Read More →

Is There Any Strategy to Help You Win at Lotto

Sunday, August 24th, 2014:

Most people that play the lottery will either choose completely random numbers, or their favourite numbers such as birthdays and other numbers that are significant in their lives. But you do get some that will like to work out strategies, and will go to great lengths to come up with what they believe will be the strategy that provides them with winning numbers each time they play. If you look around the internet there is no shortage of people trying to sell their lotto strategies. A lot of them will make claims that are hard to verify and seem very […] Read More →

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