Is Really Free? is advertized as a “free” online lottery service, but many people think this is just a ilottomisleading statement to try and get people in through the front door as such, and then make them pay once they have registered an account. The lottery prize money is always generated by the participants, so how can iLotto be free to use?

The reality is that it is actually a free service with no gimmicks or misleading information. They do offer a “Premium” membership as well, and this is how they make their money. But you do not have to sign up for this in order to play the daily lottery. Of course there are benefits to having a premium membership, they need to make it an attractive offer to get people to sign up, but you can still play for free every day if you wanted too.

Online Casino’s such as Captain Cooks Casino do not offer lotto, so if you like to have a little flutter every now and then and you want to be able to play for free, then iLotto is an ideal option.

What are the differences between a free & a premium iLotto account?

The main difference between the free and premium membership with iLotto is automation. If you are a free member you will need to log in to your account each day during the allotted hours and enter your numbers for that days drawing. So if you wanted to play every day, which you are able to do on a free account, then you will need to make sure you log in and enter your desired numbers.

is-ilotto-free-2aYou need to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49, with no duplicate numbers allowed. If you want iLotto to pick them for you there is a random option in which the system will just pick out 6 random numbers for you.

As a premium member you will not be required to log in every day to enter your numbers. You can initially choose which numbers you want to use and then your numbers will be submitted automatically every day without you having to log in. This is ideal if you are a busy person and you might not have the time to enter the numbers yourself. Also, if you are a bit forgetful a premium membership is an ideal option as it really is a set-and-forget system that you can benefit from. If you love games that imply numbers, you will certainly enjoy games such as Keno or even Slot Machines. Should you want to take a look, visit, a must-see site!

What prizes can a free member win?

There is no difference in the prizes for a free member and a premium member. The daily prizes that can be won include electrical items such as iPhones and iPads and MacBooks too. Or you can opt for a cash equivalent if you like. These prizes are eligible to any player that gets 6 out of 6 numbers for that days drawing, as long as they entered their numbers on time (a premium member would never have to worry about this).

If you get 2 to 5 numbers correct then you will win points. These points can then be exchanged foris-ilotto-free-4a additional tickets for the weekly 1 Million Dollar draw. 5 points will get you 1 additional ticket for the $1m weekly draw, so you can exchange as many points as you have at any given time for that weeks main draw.

A free member will need to log in to their account and manually exchange the points for a ticket or tickets, whereas a premium member can set this up to be done automatically. So there really are a lot of opportunities for a free player, but if you want to automate everything so you know your numbers will be in on time then you should choose the iLotto premium membership.


How to Deal With Winning the Lotto

winning-the-lotto-3aIf you enjoy playing lotto games, you will enjoy them even more when your numbers hit and you win a big jackpot. Winning a considerable amount of money will mean some serious changes to your lifestyle. There are some things you should do in order to properly manage your new wealth if you do ever get to hit the big one.

When you have identified that you are holding a winning ticket, sign it immediately. Take advantage of today’s technology and take a quick picture of yourself holding the signed ticket. A lotto ticket is a bearer instrument, meaning the person who bears, or holds, the ticket is the winner. Protect yourself by signing the ticket and taking a picture with it signed.

Once you know you have won, begin assembling a team of advisers you can trust. You will need an attorney and a financial advisor at the very least. They will help you to make your first big decision – whether you want your payout as a lump-sum or as an annuity. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Your advisers can help you with that decision as well as many others.

You will have to decide how to deal with the media. In many states and countries around the winning-the-lotto-1aworld, lotto winners are not permitted to remain anonymous. Your name will be released to the media and reporters and journalists will be putting your name all over stories in print and online. You will need a strategy for dealing with the media attention and all that comes with it. If you’re not sure about the strategy that suits you the best, check out and check their guide.

Many of the larger lottery services will offer financial advice to all of the winners of their large jackpots. While some people are able to manage their finances quite well, others really do need a helping hand, especially if they suddenly go from having very little money to having life-changing amounts. Although 7-figure sums of money can make a big difference, they can also been spent fairly quickly without proper management too.

Give yourself the chance

winning-the-lotto-2aOf course, you need to win the jackpot first before you need to start worrying about these kind of things. You need to find the right lotto games to enter, and the right strategy to play so that you have more chance of winning. In most countries around the world there are national lotteries that offer significant jackpots. But there are also many other services that offer regular games.

You can find a lot of good online lotto services now that will give you the opportunity to play on a regular basis and practice your strategies. You could play lotto every day of the week if you wanted to, and a lot of enthusiasts now look for services that offer daily games. The internet has opened this opportunity up for everyone should they want to diversify their lotto games and get involved with more high jackpot games to increase their overall chances of winning.

The Most Popular Powerball Numbers

powerball-numbers-3aThe Powerball Lotto game is very popular because of the lure of great riches. The game’s jackpot builds when no one matches the five white balls plus the Powerball. As a result, jackpots can reach into the hundreds of millions. A statistics professor at Southern University in the United States analyzed the most popular numbers that are drawn as winners. The professor used the previous five years’ worth of winning numbers and came up with some very interesting conclusions.

When playing Powerball, players choose five numbers from a pool of 59 white balls and one number from a set of 35 red balls. If a player matches all five white balls and the red ball, they win the jackpot. It’s easy to see why knowing which balls to play for the best chance at winning would be highly beneficial to a player. Players always win if they hit the Powerball number and can also win smaller prizes for matching a fewer number of balls.

The professor’s study showed that the most selected Powerball number is 20. Others included 2, powerball-numbers-131, 35, and 37. For the white balls, the most popular number is 42. It is chosen far more than any other number. The other popular winning white balls include 16, 19, 26, and 35. As a Powerball player, this is useful knowledge that can help you increase your chances of winning.

Analyzing what numbers have come up in recent draws combined with the knowledge of the most popular numbers can help the avid Powerball player increase his or her chances of winning. You can purchase software that will enable you to keep track of the winning numbers and it will also tell you how many times each number has come up.

You can even make yourself a spread sheet that will do the same thing if you are able to do this, as it will help you keep track and highlight any numbers that come up more frequently than others. You need to track data for a long time as this is how you will get a better determination of any patterns that occur. Just tracking for a few weeks is not really long enough to get any concise answers as to what is more common.

powerball-numbers-2aIt should be said that while all of this can help improve your chances somewhat, do not expect it to be a definitive plan that will have you hitting the jackpot as a dead certainty, as this is simply not the case. While your chances will improve, they will still be a long shot for hitting the big one. But what you may see is a lot more of the smaller wins on a more consistent basis, and these can all add over time.

This is what the savvy players go for, and they often increase their smaller wins significantly by following these kind of strategies. It is not hard to follow a strategy like this, it just takes time to consolidate all of the numbers from past games and get yourself some proper data to go on.

What Is Pick 4 Lotto And How Can I Play?

pick-4-1aPick 4 lotto games are very popular and are played all around the world. A Pick 4 game, as the name suggests, has players choose four numbers between zero and nine. Players can play their numbers straight, meaning they have to be drawn in exact order, or they can play the results boxed. Choosing four numbers and playing a box means that if your numbers are picked, you win, regardless of the order in which you played the numbers.

Most Pick 4 games will payout a top prize of $5,000 for a straight bet of $1.00. A boxed winner will usually get between $100 and $3,000 in winnings. Regardless, winning a Pick 4 lotto game offers a nice return for playing just $1.00. In most places where Pick 4 games are available, winning numbers are drawn twice each day so you have two chances to win. The payouts and top prizes will vary with the different operators that offer this game, so look around and see what is available to you.

In order to increase your chances of success in Pick 4 games, keep in mind that two of the fourpick-4-3a digits will repeat within two draws. Knowing this can help you in the selection of your numbers. The most common winning numbers do not have repeat digits, either. Numbers such as 2238 and 1774 are less likely to occur than ones such as 2947 or 1049, where each digit is different. Again, this can help you in your number selection.

For the best results, it is advisable to increase your chances and play your results boxed – even though the payout is a little lower, your chances of winning at all are much higher. You may want to play an additional straight game if you want to have a chance for the big prize, but if you are going for a long term and more consistent strategy, then the boxed method will deliver you results on a more regular basis, and you can rack up some good winnings over time by playing this way.

The Pick 4 lotto is just another concept of lotto, just with fewer numbers than a regular lotto game. If you want to diversify your lotto games, then this is certainly a very good one to use, and it is a very popular game with a lot of lotto players. You should be able to find the game online wherever you are, so do a search and see what your options are for playing it.

pick-4-2aIf you want to play this game on a regular basis, then you can start to formulate your own strategy for it. You may already have a strategy that you use for regular lotto games, and you may be able to use a similar concept with Pick 4 games. But it is a little different so do not be afraid to mix it up a bit to optimize it fully. Some players prefer to play Pick 4, while many other regular players play it alongside their regular lotto games.

Managing Your Lotto Winnings

It’s the most exciting part of playing lotto games – winning. You have been playing a system and lotto-winnings-3playing it regularly when your numbers come up. You realize that you are the winner of a large jackpot. It’s all too common for lotto winners to spend their winnings too quickly. You need to make sure that you are careful with your prizes.

There are several known instances of lotto winners running through the entire amount of their winnings within six months or a year and ending up broke. A lotto jackpot win can bring instant wealth, wealth that most are not used to. As a result, they go on spending sprees buying all of life’s luxuries. They will buy new homes and cars and take lavish trips and before they know it, they have gone through a sizable chunk of their winnings.

Upon winning a large jackpot, a winner must have a plan. Otherwise, he or she will end up like the numerous others who have squandered away their fortunes. Once you have verified that you are a winner, you should immediately meet with an attorney and a financial professional you trust. These two will play a big role in how your new wealth will affect you.

lotto-winnings-2Make an agreement with your attorney, the financial person, or your family that you will not spend any of the winnings for a period of three to six months. During that time period, figure out exactly what you will do with the money. You can pay off debt, including mortgages, set up trusts for your children, or donate to worthy charities. Only after you have done the things that will benefit you and your family the most long-term should you begin to enjoy spending on luxuries.

Winning can catch people out

So many people have won a lot of money on the lottery, only to squander it all in a few years and left with nothing to show from it. When somebody goes from having little to no money to all of a sudden having vast amounts of life-changing money, it can soon be frittered away on expensive luxuries. This is why anyone really needs proper financial advice, so they can ensure that they spend wisely and make the money last for a long time rather than reach that peak of supposed financial freedom, only to lose it all.

While the chances of winning a lotto jackpot big enough to change your life are very small, if youlotto-winnings-1a play the lotto regularly then you are giving yourself a much better chance of doing this. So to be prepared makes a lot of sense, even if it just means that you have somebody in place that can give you the kind of advice you need to make the best out of your winnings.

While it is always good to listen to your family, it is often best that you seek the advice of a professional financial advisor. While family members will have the best intentions when giving you advice, it may not always be the best advice for you to follow. So speaking to a professional who knows exactly what you should be doing to make your money last is the best advice you could be given if this ever did happen to you.

The Biggest Mistakes Made When Playing Lotto

lotto-mistakes-1aThere are millions of people who enjoy playing lotto games. The thrill of winning and the chance to win a life-changing jackpot attract many to the lotto. However, many people make a number of avoidable mistakes when playing, and they could really improve their chances of winning more simply by following a few simple methods and eliminating these mistakes.

Most people who play lotto games do not play consistently. They often skip around and play for a week and then take a week off. One week they may play a certain game, but a few weeks later they begin playing a different one. The key to having success at lotto games is to play consistently. Follow a system and stick to it. That requires playing on a regular basis.

A very common mistake people make is giving up. They begin using a system and do not see any results in a week or two. Their response is to give up. Remember, one of the keys to having success at lotto games is to play on a consistent basis. Do not give up just because you haven’t been successful yet. Re-evaluate your system and continue playing regularly. You can read many testimonials (check about how some people never gave up and won fabulous jackpots!

Many people will maximize their odds by buying a larger number of tickets. This is one of the lotto-mistakes-2easiest ways to increase your chances at winning, because more tickets allow you to play more combinations of numbers. What many people do when they want to do this is join a lottery group. As a group, you can buy more tickets than one person can alone. This will give you a better chance at success, even though you will have to share your winnings with the group.

Play lotto online to fine tune your strategy

In order to fine tune your strategy and optimize your chances of winning more, you should start playing some of the online lotto games. There are many available now and they will enable you to play on a much more regular basis. Some services hold games every day of the week, so you will be able to really see how well your strategy does and then change it around if required until you find the optimal method for you. Check out the official Yukon gold casino and learn how to avoid beginners’ mistakes.

lotto-mistakes-3aYou can also join more than one online lotto service, so you could even try out different strategies side by side to see which one works the best. You may think this will be expensive, but there are some services such as iLotto that offers a free daily lotto game, and you can still win prizes without having to pay any money for your games. This is the ideal solution for you to really test different things and make sure you get your strategy working as well as possible for you.

Once you start to play more and get more experience you will quickly learn what mistakes you should be avoiding. Of course you will make them initially, but this is all part of the learning process. You can then use this experience to ensure you are playing the best you can every time you participate in any lotto game.

How to Play the Lotto Successfully

play-the-lotto-1aIf you have never played the lotto before but would like to try, there are some things you should know before you start. There are many different lotto games to choose from and you should try a few different games that you think you may like. Then you can consistently play those that you enjoy the most, and also that you feel you can do the best at. If you want to improve your chances for success, there are some strategies that you should be aware of.

As a beginner still learning how to play, consider spending two to four hours each week learning the lotto game that you like the best. Study how to play the game and also try to find out how others that play the same game and have been successful at it also play. Make sure that you know the odds of winning and then find ways to increase the odds in your favor. Collect data, like past results, and study them to help you choose numbers to play.

You should also consider how often you will play. It may be once or twice a week, or even more. Whatever you decide, just make sure to be consistent. You should also consider not playing on the days that are most popular. Saturday, for example, is a popular lotto day. Your chances for play-the-lotto-3awinning decrease as more people play. You can also look at online service such as iLotto that offer free games every day. This is an ideal opportunity to try out your methods, and also give yourself more chance of winning too.

How much to spend on playing the lotto

Another thing to consider is how much money you will play in the lotto. You do not want to spend too much and put yourself in a bad financial situation. If you spend too little, though, you may not have the best chance at winning. The good thing is that you can still have fun and be successful at the lotto without having to spend too much money, so it should never develop into a large expense for you.

As a general rule, start off small so you can test out your different methods and then when you find one that does better for you then you can think about increasing the amount you spend. You can always play the free games offered by services such as iLotto also, which will also give you the opportunity to win some prizes while you are testing your methods.

play-the-lotto-2aYou should not be afraid to experiment with your lotto systems too, and if you feel that something might work better then give it a go. There is no one set way to play the lotto, a lot of it will be down to pure luck, but you can certainly improve your chances by trying different things so it is always worth testing out different methods when you can. To find good methods, you can always get some inspiration with online casinos (Yukon gold casino, Captain cooks casino and more) will give you a great example.

You should always record your results whenever you are testing out a particular method, as without having any data to look back at you will not be able to make any real determinations of how well it is doing. Give each method you try time enough for a pattern to be able to establish itself and make clear one way or another whether it is working for you.

Why You Should Consider Playing the Lotto Online

lotto-online-3aWith lotto being such a popular pastime for many people, it is of little surprise that it is now being made readily available online. Many aspects of modern day life have largely moved online, and the internet is now one of the first places we turn for a lot of services.

Before online lotto services were available, players were happy to go and purchase their tickets from the local stores, and many people still do this. It may still be convenient for people as they can purchase their tickets when they go and do their weekly grocery chopping. But this does have its limitations, and there will always be times when people are just too busy to go out and buy their tickets.

To ensure that you never miss a game, you should really consider joining one of the online lotto sites and playing the games on the internet. Of course, you should always use your due diligence before signing up to any service, as there are a lot available and some are not as good as others. You want to make sure that any services you do consider have a good reputation and offer a safelotto-online-2 and secure place for you to play.

Additional features with online lotto services

One of the benefits of playing the lotto online is that many of the lotto services will offer additional features for their members. It is a very competitive market now, so they all try to find ways of bringing in more members to their sites. This will only benefit you, as you will be able to find some really good quality services that offer some excellent features for their members.

One of the things you will be able to find with some online lotto services, is the ability to play lotto for free. If you look at services such as iLotto, they offer free games for their members, plus a weekly game for a $1,000,000 jackpot. For the daily games you can’t win cash, but you can win things such as laptop computers, iPhones and iPads.

lotto-online-1aAnother great benefit that iLotto, and some other online services offer too, is the ability to play every day. This is something that you couldn’t do when you played the regular lotto, but now that the internet can give you the ability to enjoy your lotto on a daily basis. This of course will increase your chances of winning, and allow you to practice any strategies you may want to use.

Many of the bigger online lotto sites can also be accessed and used on mobile devices. This provides another level of convenience for you as the player. You can play the lotto on your phone or tablet, and ensure that you do not miss any of the games. You can also purchase your tickets for any game from your mobile device, and withdraw any winnings you have in your account too. These are just some of the benefits you will gain from playing the lotto online.

Playing the Lottery on Your Mobile Device

mobile-lotto-1aOnline gaming has progressed significantly in the last few years, and you can now find many gaming options available for mobile devices too. As mobile continues to grow, you will find more and more gaming companies creating mobile ready versions of their casinos such as Captain Cooks Casino and poker sites. But it is not just the casino and poker games that you can play on your mobile devices, you can also play the lottery from your smart phones and tablets too.

There are many advantages of having the ability to play the lotto on your mobile device, with convenience being the obvious one. A lot of the online lotto sites will have mobile versions as they know it will reach a much wider audience and encourage more play on their lotto games. For the good quality lotto services, this will mean that more money is reinvested into the service so more opportunities become available for the player, as well as bigger prize pools too.

With the quality of modern smart phones combined with the HTML5 platform used to build mobile sites on now, you will find that many of the mobile lotto sites are extremely high quality. They are run on the most secure platforms so you can perform any online transactions safely, and ensure mobile-lotto-3that any of your personal details are encrypted so they are kept safe from any unwanted prying eyes. Many of the better online lottery services will provide a wide range of features for their players also, so they really do entice the players in to play on a regular basis.

The benefits of mobile lottery games

When you join a mobile lottery service you will of course be able to access the site wherever you are, as long as you can access the internet from your mobile. This will ensure that you never forget to pick your numbers on time, and never miss any of the games. You will also find that a lot of the online mobile services will offer frequent games, sometimes on a daily basis depending on which service you use.

You will also be able to make any financial transactions through your mobile device, so if you want to top up your account, or withdraw any winnings you can do this quickly and easily. You can also set up reminder alerts on your mobile devices to make sure that you never miss a game and always have your number picks submitted in time. Mobiles are not only great for lottery, they can be useful in many ways; you can also play other games such as poker or any casino games. More details with canadiangamblingchoice.

mobile-lotto-4aWe are now in a time where more and more things can be done on mobile devices, and they are now integral parts of many people’s lives. So the transition over to mobile for lottery sites is a natural one and we will continue to see more and more lottery sites being built on the HTML5 platform so that they can be used on mobile devices. This can only be a good thing for the player, as you will have more choice and a higher level of quality to choose from.

Is There Any Strategy to Help You Win at Lotto

lotto strategiesMost people that play the lottery will either choose completely random numbers, or their favourite numbers such as birthdays and other numbers that are significant in their lives. But you do get some that will like to work out strategies, and will go to great lengths to come up with what they believe will be the strategy that provides them with winning numbers each time they play.

If you look around the internet there is no shortage of people trying to sell their lotto strategies. A lot of them will make claims that are hard to verify and seem very hard to believe also. As the saying goes, “if it’s seems too good to be true then it probably is”. But this is not to say that all lotto strategies are worthless or scams. There are some available that will improve your chances, but only very slightly, and none that are certain to make you win every time you play.

The best lotto strategies are based around probability, and will require you to enter the winning numbers into the ‘system’ that the strategy is devised around for a long time. This will then allow the system to make a determination on the next numbers that will come up. Each different system will have their own algorithm for working out future numbers, so it is hard to determine which one is the most accurate.

But as you can probably guess, any strategy that is based around a system like this is going to belotto-strategies-2 very far from reliable. While mathematical probabilities may be increased ever so slightly, your chances when lotteries use their random number generators to choose the winning numbers for each game will never increase significantly enough for you to start winning on a regular basis. Make sure you read reviews and follow stick to guidelines. If you want to check what great tips look like, check, the site is about online gambling but the strategies can apply to any online games.

Go with what works for you

You can end up spending a lot of money on the strategies and systems that people sell. You will find that these systems will often include books, charts and software programs that all inflate the price of the product, but will certainly not deliver the vastly improved chances of you winning the lottery jackpot as most of them claim.

The best strategy for anyone to adopt when playing the lottery is simply one that works for them. If you feel that using completely random numbers each time you play has delivered good results in the past then stick with this. If you like to play certain numbers that you like each time, and they have been lucky for you in the past, then stay with this. We checked a few online strategies and have found that gave good guidelines and tips.

lotto-strategies-3At the end of the day, playing the lotto is all down to chance. But there are still those that swear by the strategies that they use, and this may well be because the strategy has worked out fairly well for them. But would the same strategy work just as well for somebody else? Maybe, maybe not; chance will determine that.

The best way to see which strategy works best for you is to run two or three different strategies together and monitor them over time. If you see one particular strategy doing better than the others you are trying then keep it going and see if it continues to work well for you. But never get into the mindset that any particular strategy will work wonders for you, as it very likely won’t.

Playing iLotto in the US and Canada

how-does-ilotto-work-1The online lottery site has really caught on and is now a very popular way to play the lottery online every day of the week. While most states in the US and provinces in Canada have their own lotteries that you can enter, playing iLotto gives you the chance to play every day from the comfort of your own home, as you will never have to go out and buy a physical ticket. is purely an online service, so all you need to do to play is register for an account and then you will be able to play their daily games, as well as the big weekly draw for the $1 million dollar jackpot. As long as you meet the terms and you are eligible to play (age and location will be factors towards your eligibility) then you can start to play in their daily and weekly draws from today.

Where are you not able to play iLotto in the US and Canada

Although you are able to play iLotto across most of the U.S and Canada, there are a few restrictions. If you live in the US, then the states of Florida and New York will not be able to register and play at If you are from Canada then the province of Quebec is also not eligible to play either. As far as other U.S owned territories, you will not be able to play at iLotto if you are from Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S Virgin Islands.


These restrictions in the above mentioned areas are due to local laws. But any other states and provinces other than those mentioned will be able to register an account at and start playing from today.

How to sign up for an iLotto account

Signing up for an account at iLotto is very easy and will only take you a couple of minutes. You first need to provide a valid email address (this is important as any time you win you will be notified to this email address), and then a password for your account. You will also need to provide your name, D.O.B and your current address. The process is pretty much the same you will find when you register with online casinos.

Once you have signed up for a free account you will also have the option of signing up for theplaying-the-lotto-online-4a iLotto premium account. This will allow you to completely automate the process of entering your numbers for both the daily games and the weekly jackpot games. Once you have set it up initially you will not be required to sign into your account again, as everything will be posted automatically for you every day. The cost of the premium account is just $19.99 a month.

You can still play with a free membership, so you do not have to sign up to the premium level in order to enjoy the iLotto games. If you do have a free membership you will need to access your account every day and enter the numbers manually. So if you are a busy person, or you may forget it is always a good idea to go for the premium account so you can be assured that you never miss any of the draws.

iLotto Review – The New Way to Play Lotto

There is a new and improved way to play lotto interactively online. The online site iLotto is a free sweepstakes style game where you can win prizes such as everyday electronics and a grand prize of $1,000,000 which is put up for grabs every week.

Aside from the traditional lottery that one has to play at a store for a small price, iLotto requires no purchase to participate. Registration is fast and easy and online players can be on their way to possible winning cash and prizes.

How iLotto works

After registering by entering your email address and password, you can play your first game by choosing six numbers and waiting until the end of the day when the drawing is done for the results. iLotto is free but players can choose the option to purchase the premium package and be upgraded to receive perks such as automatic number entries into every drawing.

This allows for ease in having the site pick the numbers on your behalf instead of having to sign in and manually choosing them. Free members are also entered into the weekly drawing for the $1,000,000. If the 6 numbers that are selected are a match then it’s a winner. You can also earn points in addition to cash.

There is also an app available for iLotto available through the Apple Store. You’re set up with a five digit player identification number and the option to pay $1 for premium service for two weeks. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the upgraded service, they will immediately issue a refund.

Prizes, Cash and Points

iLotto has a reputation of giving away Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and Macbook. These prizes are won on a daily basis usually as a package deal. A 50 inch LCD television is also a popular prize awarded weekly. These prizes along with large cash payouts seem like a good catch for a free lottery site. Keep in mind that players should check the site daily to see if they’ve actually won anything.

There is a 5 day grace period to claim the prizes and the cash winnings will need to be reported as income for tax purposes. Cash is either sent via check or wire service. Points are awarded when players win a combo of 2 out of 6 to 5 out of 6 each worth 500 points.

Premium subscribers can have their points exchanged for tickets for the million dollar drawing. Winning tickets that can be redeemed for points are also valid for exchange for the following week’s weekly million dollar drawing.

Another added feature is that players can sign up for a subscription to keep them in the loop about up to date winnings. The online game is available to citizens of the United States and Canada excluding the states Florida and New York. The online option of playing lotto is a good one in that players can have easy access to check their numbers from the comfort of their home or cell phone; and the fact that it’s totally free to join. It can’t hurt to try something for free that pays out really well too. We hope this iLotto review has given you a better insight as to what you will get from this service.

Tips for Playing the Lotto Online

playing the lotto onlineBasically, the Internet now is one of the major platforms for businesses to thrive. Lottery games have now been digitalized so that anyone can play the game whenever and wherever they are. Playing the lotto online is easy but only if you follow the correct steps. Every game has its own set of rules so as lotto, follow the rules and you might be the next lucky winner.

How to play the lotto online

Choose a trusted site

This is where you choose a company that has had a good reputation all along when dealing with their customers. There are several sites available so read several reviews about the site to determine which best suites you. Sometimes asking your friends will help you to quickly decide the site to pick.

Set up your accountplaying-the-lotto-online-2a

Create an account with the selected site for example After creating an account, complete your profile, everything that is required should be filled usually name, address, email and DOB). This process normally takes less than five minutes to complete and you will be ready to start playing for lottery draws.

Playing the lotto online draw

Now that you have the account, head to the play page and select your lucky numbers, hit submit. Remember there is always a range of numbers to pick from and others do not specify so check the instructions first. Some sites will offer additional features such as choosing two more additional numbers, this is mainly for wining a jackpot or other great prizes other than those listed as the main prize. Now that you have picked the numbers, just be patient and wait for the draw to take place.

During the filling of the profile, make sure you enable notifications. Most people would buy the tickets and then forget they ever had them but this is different for online gaming. When you play any lotto game online, you will receive continuous notifications about the progress of the draw and if you have won or not. The best part is that you can receive these alerts through email or SMS on your mobile phone.

playing-the-lotto-online-3aSelecting the category to play

Different sites offer different packages/categories in which a person can play. If you are newbie to playing the lotto, then go easy and just choose the simple package. After you think that luck is on your side, select the jackpots and other major prizes listed. Patience is the key, try to master the game first before going big.

Now that the lotto can be played online, there are many advantages associated with it. First, it saves a lot of time when compared to the traditional methods of buying a ticket and filling out your numbers manually. With online lotto, selecting your numbers and submitting them for the draw is much faster and you do not have to leave your home to buy them. Simply get a trusted site such as and buy the tickets.

In addition, no more waiting until the draw is aired to know the outcome. For online lotto, as soon as the draw is conducted, the winners are informed and the process of transferring the prizes starts. Playing the lotto online has revolutionized the old lotto we used to know and made it a lot more convenient for you to play.