The Most Popular Powerball Numbers

powerball-numbers-3aThe Powerball Lotto game is very popular because of the lure of great riches. The game’s jackpot builds when no one matches the five white balls plus the Powerball. As a result, jackpots can reach into the hundreds of millions. A statistics professor at Southern University in the United States analyzed the most popular numbers that are drawn as winners. The professor used the previous five years’ worth of winning numbers and came up with some very interesting conclusions.

When playing Powerball, players choose five numbers from a pool of 59 white balls and one number from a set of 35 red balls. If a player matches all five white balls and the red ball, they win the jackpot. It’s easy to see why knowing which balls to play for the best chance at winning would be highly beneficial to a player. Players always win if they hit the Powerball number and can also win smaller prizes for matching a fewer number of balls.

The professor’s study showed that the most selected Powerball number is 20. Others included 2, powerball-numbers-131, 35, and 37. For the white balls, the most popular number is 42. It is chosen far more than any other number. The other popular winning white balls include 16, 19, 26, and 35. As a Powerball player, this is useful knowledge that can help you increase your chances of winning.

Analyzing what numbers have come up in recent draws combined with the knowledge of the most popular numbers can help the avid Powerball player increase his or her chances of winning. You can purchase software that will enable you to keep track of the winning numbers and it will also tell you how many times each number has come up.

You can even make yourself a spread sheet that will do the same thing if you are able to do this, as it will help you keep track and highlight any numbers that come up more frequently than others. You need to track data for a long time as this is how you will get a better determination of any patterns that occur. Just tracking for a few weeks is not really long enough to get any concise answers as to what is more common.

powerball-numbers-2aIt should be said that while all of this can help improve your chances somewhat, do not expect it to be a definitive plan that will have you hitting the jackpot as a dead certainty, as this is simply not the case. While your chances will improve, they will still be a long shot for hitting the big one. But what you may see is a lot more of the smaller wins on a more consistent basis, and these can all add over time.

This is what the savvy players go for, and they often increase their smaller wins significantly by following these kind of strategies. It is not hard to follow a strategy like this, it just takes time to consolidate all of the numbers from past games and get yourself some proper data to go on.

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