iLotto Review – The New Way to Play Lotto

There is a new and improved way to play lotto interactively online. The online site iLotto is a free sweepstakes style game where you can win prizes such as everyday electronics and a grand prize of $1,000,000 which is put up for grabs every week.

Aside from the traditional lottery that one has to play at a store for a small price, iLotto requires no purchase to participate. Registration is fast and easy and online players can be on their way to possible winning cash and prizes.

How iLotto works

After registering by entering your email address and password, you can play your first game by choosing six numbers and waiting until the end of the day when the drawing is done for the results. iLotto is free but players can choose the option to purchase the premium package and be upgraded to receive perks such as automatic number entries into every drawing.

This allows for ease in having the site pick the numbers on your behalf instead of having to sign in and manually choosing them. Free members are also entered into the weekly drawing for the $1,000,000. If the 6 numbers that are selected are a match then it’s a winner. You can also earn points in addition to cash.

There is also an app available for iLotto available through the Apple Store. You’re set up with a five digit player identification number and the option to pay $1 for premium service for two weeks. If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the upgraded service, they will immediately issue a refund.

Prizes, Cash and Points

iLotto has a reputation of giving away Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and Macbook. These prizes are won on a daily basis usually as a package deal. A 50 inch LCD television is also a popular prize awarded weekly. These prizes along with large cash payouts seem like a good catch for a free lottery site. Keep in mind that players should check the site daily to see if they’ve actually won anything.

There is a 5 day grace period to claim the prizes and the cash winnings will need to be reported as income for tax purposes. Cash is either sent via check or wire service. Points are awarded when players win a combo of 2 out of 6 to 5 out of 6 each worth 500 points.

Premium subscribers can have their points exchanged for tickets for the million dollar drawing. Winning tickets that can be redeemed for points are also valid for exchange for the following week’s weekly million dollar drawing.

Another added feature is that players can sign up for a subscription to keep them in the loop about up to date winnings. The online game is available to citizens of the United States and Canada excluding the states Florida and New York. The online option of playing lotto is a good one in that players can have easy access to check their numbers from the comfort of their home or cell phone; and the fact that it’s totally free to join. It can’t hurt to try something for free that pays out really well too. We hope this iLotto review has given you a better insight as to what you will get from this service.

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