What Is Pick 4 Lotto And How Can I Play?

pick-4-1aPick 4 lotto games are very popular and are played all around the world. A Pick 4 game, as the name suggests, has players choose four numbers between zero and nine. Players can play their numbers straight, meaning they have to be drawn in exact order, or they can play the results boxed. Choosing four numbers and playing a box means that if your numbers are picked, you win, regardless of the order in which you played the numbers.

Most Pick 4 games will payout a top prize of $5,000 for a straight bet of $1.00. A boxed winner will usually get between $100 and $3,000 in winnings. Regardless, winning a Pick 4 lotto game offers a nice return for playing just $1.00. In most places where Pick 4 games are available, winning numbers are drawn twice each day so you have two chances to win. The payouts and top prizes will vary with the different operators that offer this game, so look around and see what is available to you.

In order to increase your chances of success in Pick 4 games, keep in mind that two of the fourpick-4-3a digits will repeat within two draws. Knowing this can help you in the selection of your numbers. The most common winning numbers do not have repeat digits, either. Numbers such as 2238 and 1774 are less likely to occur than ones such as 2947 or 1049, where each digit is different. Again, this can help you in your number selection.

For the best results, it is advisable to increase your chances and play your results boxed – even though the payout is a little lower, your chances of winning at all are much higher. You may want to play an additional straight game if you want to have a chance for the big prize, but if you are going for a long term and more consistent strategy, then the boxed method will deliver you results on a more regular basis, and you can rack up some good winnings over time by playing this way.

The Pick 4 lotto is just another concept of lotto, just with fewer numbers than a regular lotto game. If you want to diversify your lotto games, then this is certainly a very good one to use, and it is a very popular game with a lot of lotto players. You should be able to find the game online wherever you are, so do a search and see what your options are for playing it.

pick-4-2aIf you want to play this game on a regular basis, then you can start to formulate your own strategy for it. You may already have a strategy that you use for regular lotto games, and you may be able to use a similar concept with Pick 4 games. But it is a little different so do not be afraid to mix it up a bit to optimize it fully. Some players prefer to play Pick 4, while many other regular players play it alongside their regular lotto games.